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Gutenberg Qualify - JGU digital dissertations

Through Gutenberg Qualify, Mainz University Library offers doctoral candidates at Mainz University the possibility to publish their dissertation electronically on the internet.

What is the advantage of a digital dissertation on Gutenberg Qualify?

During the last decades research changed significantly. Digital publications became a significant element of scientific work.

Publishing your dissertation on Gutenberg Qualify has many advantages:

  • Your research results can be made available to the worldwide scientific community in a very short time span.
  • Digital publications are cited more often.
  • Plagiarism of your work can be detected more easily.
  • External investors and potential employers can easily get an impression of your work.
  • Your dissertation receives a permanent internet address.
  • Thereby citability is ensured. Additionally your dissertation will be stored at the DNB where the digital long-term preservation will be taken care of.

Which publications can be admitted to Gutenberg Qualify?

  • Dissertations
  • Master´s theses (if suggested by a faculty member)

For uploading other types of documents, please use Gutenberg Open.

How to proceed in order to register my digital dissertation?

Please read the instructions "Step by step: publishing a document".

Services provided by the University Library

A publication on Gutenberg Qualify comes with the following services:

  • you can submit your electronic document through the publication interface of our server.
  • your document will be catalogued according to established library record standards.
  • your document will be provided with a permanent internet address.
  • In all cases a deposit copy needs to be transferred to the DNB: we will transfer the .deposit copy to the DNB where the digital long-term preservation will be taken care of.
  • your document will be securely stored ( available) for at least 5 years.
  • your document and its metadata will be presented and made available for research and download on Gutenberg Qualify.
  • additionally, your document will be registered with other local, regional, and national catalogues.
  • we offer help with questions related to this matter.

For authors, these services are free of charge.

Additional services are prone to individual arrangement. There may be fees involved.

Terms of use

Only members of JGU can publish documents on Gutenberg Qualify.

Any document to be published on Gutenberg Qualify meets the following requirements:

  • The document is a dissertation or master´s thesis.
  • The document complies with the currently applicable doctorate regulations.
  • The document consists of continuous text (it may contain elements such as graphics, images, tables etc.). The document can be presented as PDF. Additional multimedia formats can be uploaded as ZIP files.
  • The PDF is not copy protected and printing is allowed.
  • The document has been released for publication by its author or publisher. The distribution is unlimited in terms of time and area.
  • The work must be complete as to its content. Later changes are not permitted.
  • The document is complete and may not contain any serious orthographical or lexical errors. Its outer form is coherent, and it is consistent with generally applied academic standards.
  • We solely accept documents that correspond to generally recognized standards for scientific publications.
  • Authors are responsible for ensuring that third-party legal rights regarding copyright and usage are observed and take liability for the document’s content.
  • Others person´s intellectual property is marked as such. Quotes from external sources have been marked.
  • In the event that the document includes external material (e.g. graphics, images, tables etc.) you must have already asked the rights holder for permission to use this material.

You can find supplementary information on "Good Scientific Practice" on the project-website Academic Integrity (PDF format) or you can refer to the recommendations of the DFG (PDF format).

Content-based indexing in Gutenberg Open

A content description is created for all documents.

The following approaches are available:

  • an abstract in German and/or English for each document.
  • indexing of the documents by DDC subject fields.

The indexing by subjects fields is carried out by the authors themselves who fill out the corresponding input form. There will be no post-processing by the University Library.

Which copyright laws and exploitation rights apply to authors?

The written agreement “Granting of Rights” (“Lizenz”) details the rights and obligations between the author/s and the University Library.

The University Library receives a simple right of use over the publication. This means that you can still publish your publication in journals or monographs or post it in other electronic systems.

Authors and/or editors of documents are responsible for third party's compliance to rights of authorship, copyrights and exploitation rights. Several publishers permit parallel publishing on full-text servers such as Gutenberg Qualify. If you are unsure about how your publisher handles copyrights, but still want to publish documents with Gutenberg Qualify, please find further information under the following link:

Can publications be deleted from the server?

Once published, documents can only be deleted from the server in exceptional circumstances (for example in the case of legal difficulties). The author will be charged, should costs result for the unloading of a document.

Legal notice